Wrapping up

Learning Objective

  • to discuss options for the next stage of your journey into learning to program

Table of Contents

Where to from here?

You are now set to take a beginner course in any programming language! You can sign up for one of our free training courses at http://melbourne.resbaz.edu.au/participate. You can also come see us at Hacky Hour: 3-4pm on Thursdays at Tsubu. We would love to discuss your programming challenges.

If you would like to continue with some self-directed learning, there are many online courses available, such as:

Where to find help

When you start coding (and even when you are an experienced coder), Google is your friend. Google searches will often direct you to a website called stackoverflow where people post and answer programming-related questions.

Don't be afraid of making mistakes

Learning to program is a lot about making mistakes. It’s great for someone to warn you about something, but you won't truly understand until you make the mistake yourself. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

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